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The Fourth Courier. — Timothy Jay Smith


The author, Timothy Jay Smith, graciously shared with us notice of the upcoming release of his novel. He wrote the story “has significant gay content, including sex, though it’s not romance or erotica. The gay angle plays a crucial role in solving the case, and as such, it’s a different read for the gay community.”

He provided a concise synopsis of the plot, also, detailing the following:

In The Fourth Courier, a series of grisly murders in Warsaw suddenly becomes an international case when radiation is detected on the third victim’s hands, raising fears that all the victims may have smuggled nuclear material out of the recently-defunct Soviet Union. The FBI sends Special Agent Jay Porter to assist in the investigation. He teams up with a gay CIA agent, and when they learn that a Russian physicist who designed a portable atomic bomb is missing, the race is on to find him—and the bomb—before it ends up in the wrong hands.

The novel is set at the time of the seismic collapse of communism in Eastern Europe. This year marks the 30thanniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and Solidarity coming to power in Poland, and The Fourth Courier captures that era. Like all my novels, I use a thriller-ish plot to examine what’s happening to real people. Jay becomes intimately involved with a Polish family, giving the reader a chance to see how people coped with their collective hangover from the communist era.

Mr. Smith produced a promotional video for the book in which he offers additional details for the prospective reader.


Mika and I have yet to acquire a copy and read it for ourselves, but the summary the author shared with us piqued our interest.

We look forward to giving Mr. Smith’s opus a read.

The Fourth Courier (284 pages) will be released April 3rd in hardback, Kindle and e-book formats.

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